It should be borne in mind that Trypanosoma cruzi is characterized by a long existence in the host organism.

Acute American trypanosomiasis. If symptoms persist for less than 2 months. The parasite circulates in large numbers in the blood.

Clinical manifestations may be absent for a long time, and the trigger for the deterioration of a person’s condition is severe damage to internal organs. From the moment the pathological agent enters the human body until the first signs appear, it takes from 1 to 3 weeks, but more often the incubation period lasts 10 days.

The acute and chronic course of Chagas disease differs in clinical presentation.

The chronic form often manifests itself 10–20 years after infection. Symptoms of Chagas disease in such a situation are as follows.

If one or more symptoms occur, you should seek qualified help as soon as possible. With the diagnosis of Chagas disease, an experienced specialist does not have problems. Establishing the correct diagnosis requires an integrated approach.

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